Through my photographs I strive to reveal a passion for exploring our world. I prefer subjects that lead to images with chromatic strength and use creative lighting to not only illuminate my subjects but also to give them a dream-like, surreal quality. The process of photography allows me to pursue the art of transforming everyday objects into images that progress from "everyday" to art. I believe my photographs are most successful when they reveal either the subjects vibrant colors or subtle elegance. My images have included: abstracts, vibrant flowers, unique still life's, colorful maritime images, and landscapes. My work consists of both broad themes or stand-alone individual pieces. I enjoy delivering photography that is as vibrant as the moment which I made the image. I am self taught and utilize a variety of lighting techniques as well as the manipulation of natural light going beyond simple illumination to create truly unique photographs. I consciously employ traditional as well as innovative lighting techniques to create my final images. I have found myself drawn to subjects that have allowed me to produce a body of work which includes macro images focusing on the intimate elements of our world. Some of my images are constructed and some a spontaneous. I generally choose subjects with vibrant colors; in addition, I have become increasingly intrigued by the interaction of color and light . In addition, I use slow shutter speeds to make the ordinary look extraordinary. When people see my work, I would like them to find a new appreciation of the world around them. My current goal is to build on my prior experience and to challenge myself by refining my personal artistic style and creative qualities. Hopefully my work speaks for itself, and gives enjoyment to the viewer. Each person will view my images a little differently and that is as it should be.

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